A Misty Mountain Hop

Answer the call of the mountains and set off on an adventure….

A beautiful hike through tea fields, areas covered with bamboo, thick vegetation, the cloud forest and finally opening up to a hidden waterfall trail. A hike that is versatile and also demanding but the reward is an exhilarating view and wonderful scenery.

We start from the tea fields passing workers that pluck only the finest tea leaves of each and every single plant. At the same time, this is also the rise into the forest. It is amazing how steep the tea fields are and impressive with which lightness, at least it seems, the tea pickers master these climbs every day. Arrived at the top of the tea fields it is time for a first small rest. In the shade of the trees you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and the tea fields before we continue our walk into the dense wood of the forest.

A variety of different vegetation types awaits us. Ferns, mosses, bamboo and stretches of pygmy forest follows before we enter the cloud forest. The hike is like a journey through time. Endemic plants that impress with their shape and size, quacking frogs and wonderful birdsongs create a world long since extinct and forgotten in prehistoric times. Not infrequently, we encounter unique reptiles on our hikes, such as the Leaf Nosed Lizard or the Rhino Horned Lizard. Both endemic to the Knuckles mountains and they complete the impression of forgotten worlds. We leave the well-known hiking trails and cross dense wood until we reach the river hidden in the deep forest. Nature shows itself from a unique and indescribable side, still untouched and virgin. The way is now much more demanding and it requires sure-footedness. The smooth stones can be slippery and the green areas can be a bit muddy after rain. But it pays off. The dense forest opens and we are on a plateau from which the river turns into a waterfall and pours into the valley. Nature at its best.

After a scrumptious brunch by this hidden water fall, we hike up to another waterfall and then to the top most point of the second water fall. Here we start our decent back to our meeting point where you will meet your chauffeur guide/ guide.

Your Hosts

Haritha: Haritha, or often known as “Hari” has a passion for wild life and the need for conservation. This is what drove him into this field. Ever since he was little boy, he has been spending most of his time in the wilderness. The initial introduction to knuckles was given to him by his father Senani (AKA- Pila), who is also a well know guide and conservationist at the Knuckles Mountain range. They have both been working as guides in different national parks in Sri Lanka. Hari received most of his guiding education in South Africa. He is a qualified nature guide and a fully qualified trails guide in Africa. The need for conservation and awareness that Knuckles needed made him return to his home land.


Katharina: The passion for nature brought Katharina to Sri Lanka. She set out from Germany to Africa four years ago to make her childhood dream come true and to follow her passion for wildlife. She received her guiding qualifications and experience in Africa following which a new path in life opened up to her. After her first visit to Knuckles more than two years ago already it was immediately clear that she had a calling to visit Sri Lanka and spend time in Knuckles. She now invests her time and energy to further explore this unique and still untouched piece of land and to bring it closer to people.


Nuwan: Nuwan was really into watching discovery documentaries when he was little kid. During his time in Thailand Nuwan did some volunteering work for the zoo. This is where he realized that it was his calling to connect with nature and wildlife. Having seeing animals in captivity, Nuwan set off on a transformational journey appreciating the great outdoors and the freedom in the wild. He became a wildlife guide five years ago while also working as guest relations officer in hotels.To Nuwan this is more than a job, it’s a passion, a way of life and he is an evangelist in educating people about the importance of conserving the environment, its flora and its fauna.


Number of PAX

1-10 PAX




7 hours

Suitable for children

Yes. Over 12 years of age

Things to know

Includes: Entrance ticket. Hosted trek by professional naturalists (Trek Difficulty: Moderate | 10 – 12 KM | 350M elevation), water and rehydrates, snacks to go, mini brunch with tea/ coffee, fruit juice and chocolates. First aid kit, leech socks, repellent and toiletry kit.

Meeting time: 7.00 AM

What to wear or bring along: Appropriate trekking wear with trekking shoes. Sunglasses, caps/ hats, rain coat. Camera.

Important info

Please note that the Knuckles area is a wet land and the weather there is unpredictable and quite bipolar. Please be ready to expect sudden rainfall at any given point in your trek. We will always keep an eye out for the weather forecast and advise you accordingly.

Making the most of it: This trek requires being sure footed and fit but based on your fitness levels and physical limitations we can customize the intensity of this trek. Also, we can do this trek at a leisurely pace with plenty of breaks if required.

Please let us know if you have any physical limitations or medical conditions so that we can advise if this experience is for you or not. Furthermore, we can also customize this experience as per your requirements. Also, please carefully follow your host’s safety instructions at all times.