Conquering Knuckles with an Everester

Set off on an adventure with the expertise of an Everester…..

Starting the hike in the beautiful tea fields and slowly ascending up to the cloud forest. The trail is thriving with endemic wild life, and an array of unique flora and fauna of which our guides would go in depth to educate you on. Destination of the trail being the summit of 7 water falls with a spectacular scenery overlooking the North Eastern corner of the Knuckles mountain range, guests are sure to enjoy the steps taken through the misty valley.

The destination of the hike is not only the breathtaking view over the valley but also the beautiful waterfall. Tucked away in the dense cloud forest, the waterfall pours into a crystal clear pool that invites you to swim before the water spills over the vantage point into the valley. The water temperatures are more than refreshing and will nourish your body circulation properly.

After a scrumptious brunch by this hidden water fall, we continue to hike up to another waterfall. Upon arrival you are welcome to get into a small natural pool for a brief dip.

From here we start our decent back to our meeting point where you will meet your chauffeur guide/ guide.

Your Hosts

Johann Peries: An artist inspired by nature, Johann is a hair-designer by profession and adventurer by choice. He is the only Sri Lankan man to summit Mt Everest at 8,848m (29,029 feet) , which he achieved on 22 May 2018. His passion for the great outdoors and his creative soul has struck a perfect balance and is evident in his work, life and interests. Johann began his hair-designing career 32 years ago. Opting for originality over formulaic, he soon became popular as one of the best hair-designers in the country. Taking his innate flair in the beauty and fashion culture a step further, he re-established the local industry to meet international standards by introducing new concepts in bridal designs, attire conceptualizing and make-up. Today he is one of the most sought-after hair and beauty designers, and amongst the few Sri Lankans in the industry to be globally acclaimed.

Presently he runs four salons, two in Colombo and one in London. His career as an artist began long before his venture into the fashion industry; initially as a professional singer with Mary Anne Singers spanning over 20 years, as an actor in the local English theatre, and as a professional dancer competing and performing at local and international com- petitions. Johann’s interest in exploring the great outdoors was impressed upon him at a very young age by his father, when the duo regularly explored the Knuckles Mountain range in Sri Lanka. The passion thus instilled in him, drives him to conquer mountains both in Sri Lanka and around the globe. His first exploration out of Sri Lanka was the Thai-Burmese border, in 2005. As a more experienced mountaineer Johann successfully conquered Everest Base Camp in 2010, Island Peak in 2012, and Mount Kilimanjaro in 2014. He had to turn back just 400 metres short of the summit in 2016 due to a malfunction in the oxygen tank. In 2017 Johann, as part of his continuing training, climbed Mont Blanc in Switzerland. Johann decided to take on the challenge of returning to Mt Everest to complete the journey, which he completed on the 22nd May 2018, making him the first Sri Lankan male and the only hair stylist in the world, to attempt and summit Mt. Everest. Following the success of summiting Mt Everest, Johann and his climbing partner, Jayanthi Kuru Utumpala, have taken on the challenge of completing the seven summits around the world. In February 2018 they climbed Mt Aconcagua, Argentina.


Number of PAX

1-10 PAX




7 hours

Suitable for children

Yes. Over 12 years of age

Things to know

Includes: Entrance ticket. Hosted trek by professional naturalists, expertiese and company of an Everester (Trek Difficulty: Moderate | 10 – 12 KM | 350M elevation), water and rehydrates, snacks to go, mini brunch with tea/ coffee, fruit juice and chocolates. First aid kit, leech socks, repellent and toiletry kit.

Meeting time: 7.00 AM

What to wear or bring along: Appropriate trekking wear with trekking shoes. Sunglasses, caps/ hats, rain coat. Camera.

Important info

Please note that the Knuckles area is a wet land and the weather there is unpredictable and quite bipolar. Please be ready to expect sudden rainfall at any given point in your trek. We will always keep an eye out for the weather forecast and advise you accordingly.

Making the most of it: This trek requires being sure footed and fit but based on your fitness levels and physical limitations we can customize the intensity of this trek. Also, we can do this trek at a leisurely pace with plenty of breaks if required.

Please let us know if you have any physical limitations or medical conditions so that we can advise if this experience is for you or not. Furthermore, we can also customize this experience as per your requirements. Also, please carefully follow your host’s safety instructions at all times.