A journey is memorable, an experience is timeless…..

Sensory Indulgence is Sri Lanka’s newest innovation in the experiences market. Sensory Indulgence is diligently customized and deeply personalized, offering you; the traveller of today experiences where the authentic and aesthetic intertwine. A travel endeavour woven just for you.


Treasure every indulgence

Sensory Indulgences was conceptualized by Udaya and Brindley as a platform to design meaningful, insightful and interesting hosted experiences for travellers who visit Sri Lanka. Sensory Indulgences will curate tried and tested traditional and modern favorites, combining every travel essential with a deeply anchored passion invested in creating unique, elaborate and genuine experiences that are holistic, authentic and exclusive. All experiences are non-orchestrated and genuine involving local communities, experts, intellectuals and professionals as hosts.

We ensure your senses will be engaged, induced, thrilled and stimulated to unfold every step of the way. Every indulgence is formed meticulously with great thought, intricate detail and an in-depth science to guarantee each aspect from process to performance is flawless; from the concept to its design to its execution Sensory Indulgence leaves no stone unturned, creating new moments and shaping lasting memories.

Savour every moment. Treasure every indulgence. Because every experience is a part of your story. So, let your discovery begin.


The craftsmanship behind Sensory Indulgences

Udaya Wickramage

Chief Travel Artisan

Udaya sports a decade of knowhow in destination management in Sri Lanka for bespoke travelers from countries such as USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has a passion for connecting people with interactive experiences merging aspects of Sri Lanka with exclusivity and novelty. This has enabled him to gain a loyal legion of aficionados in the travel sphere.

Brindley Wijeysooria

Chief Operations Guru

Brindley has half a decade of expertise in hotel management and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. He has a sharp eye for attention to detail with a wealth of operational knowledge behind him ranging from staff training, menu creation, inventory management, procurement and consultancy for the hotel sector.


Sensory Indulgences strive to design and curate exciting, exclusive ventures in Sri Lanka, while delivering a flexible, fully-fledged personalized experience which is authentic, memorable and valuable to a discerning clientele. To integrate and collaborate with the finest domestic hosts, and above all local communities who are the bedrock of every experience while maintaining the highest global standards of sustainable tourism.
Our goal is to be recognized as a customer service provider on the global tourism stage proving a holistic, interactive and personalized service while propagating and achieving superior quality in Sri Lankan tourism offerings, meeting global sustainable tourism benchmarks, enhancing the livelihoods of local communities and ensuing that the company spearheads transformational tourism with innovative methodology and ever evolving digital travel trends.