Tea of Dynasties

Discover the story about a tea ritual of a bygone era…..

The Handunugoda Tea Estate, is perhaps the closest tea plantation in the world to the sea. Handunugoda Tea Estate is known as the Virgins White Tea Factory as it produces a tea completely untouched by hand. Following an ancient Chinese Ritual where the choicest of teas were offered as a tribute to the Emperor, this tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is said to be the healthiest tea in the world. Coincidentally it is also one of the most expensive teas in the world fetching at over 1500 USD per kilo. According to the latest testing Virgin White has an anti-oxidant content of 10.11 percent, which is said to be the highest naturally occurring content of anti-oxidants in any beverage. Marriage Freres which is perhaps one of the world’s most exclusive Tea Salons situated at Faubourg Saint Honore in Central Paris offers its exquisite clients Handunugoda’s virgin White tea.

The owner of the plantation himself will meet you and take you around the working tea plantation. You will learn how the famous white tea is plucked and made into one of the best teas in the world. At midway to the experience, you will enjoy a delicious homemade chocolate cake and enjoy a cup of oolong tea. The visit ends at the tea museum which also has a small shop where you can buy Virgin White Tea – and other less expensive options as well.

Your Hosts

Herman – Before becoming sole proprietor of family estate Herman worked for over 45 years in plantation management, originally for the British plantations in Sri Lanka and then for the state-owned, during his tenure he managed plantations of over 100,000 acres of the best tea lands in the country’s most prestigious plantation District of Nuwara Eliya. He has authored five books. The Plantation Raj, For a Sovereign State, The Suicide Club, Tortured Island and God’s Secret Agent. With the two books “For a Sovereign State” and “The Suicide Club” in their 7th and 6th reprints, respectively.

Number of PAX

1-15 PAX




2 hours

Suitable for children

6 – 18 years

Things to know

Includes: Tea estate tour with the owner of the plantation. Chocolate cake, tea, water.
Meeting time: 9.30 AM
What to wear or bring along: Light comfortable clothing, cap, sunglasses, walking shoes and camera.

Important info

There may be others visiting the plantation at the same time.

Making the most of it: Please ask a lot of questions from Herman about anything in relation to plantations. He has a wealth of knowledge on the subject.